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What do hygienists do?

Hygienists are specially trained to provide dental care services that are complementary to the work carried out by dentists. 

A hygienist will professionally clean your teeth by removing the build up of hard deposits, otherwise known as calculus. 

What's more, they will give you advice on how to prevent it from returning. Both are vital in slowing the process of gum disease.

At Feltham Dental Care, our hygienists work with children and adults to maintain oral health and prevent unpleasant dental problems such as gum disease, halitosis (bad breath), bleeding gums and stained teeth. 

How often do I need to visit the hygienist?

The importance of regular visits to the hygienist cannot be overstressed. This will help maintain the long term health of your teeth and gums, and generally improve your appearance. Furthermore, it will help you to retain your teeth in the future, giving you a healthy smile for life. 

Call 0208 890 2088 to book an appointment with a hygienist.

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